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United States citizens and lawful permanent residents can sponsor certain relatives for permanent residence in the United States. The relatives that have been designated as eligible for family-sponsored permanent residence are grouped into different classifications.

Please find the most common Family-related Visas in the next section of our site:​

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Individuals who wish to work temporarily in the United States must hold a nonimmigrant visa specified for the type of work being performed and for the purpose of travel to the United States. Various categories (classifications) of nonimmigrant visas are available to individuals to work in the United States.


Employment-based Green Cards or Immigrant Visas are different than Temporary Employment-based Nonimmigrant Visas, they differ in particular requirements.

Filing the appropriate employment-based immigrant visa application requires a deep understanding of the goals of both – the foreign employee and the business seeking to hire.​

Please find the most common Employment-based Immigrant Visas, Temporary Work and Investment Visas in the next section of our site:​​

Companies with 40+ Foreign National Workers or 10+ Concurrent Cases

If your company employs 40+ foreign national workers in the United States or will concurrently sponsor 10+ foreign national workers for employment visas (e.g. H or L) , residency via PERM Labor Certification or expat assignments we want to provide your company with a competitive fee quote. Chicago Law Group has the experience and trained staff to assist your organization with multiple cases and comprehensive immigration solutions to help you manage your global workforce. We welcome the opportunity to customize a proposal to provide you with immigration strategies that deliver the maximum return on your corporate dollar by delivering administrative and cost savings for your company.

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US Department of State publishes its opinion on the political and other conditions of almost every country. That includes such topics as corruption, the treatment of minorities, the judicial system, etc. If the circumstances described in your biography do not coincide with the opinion of the State. Department of conditions in your country, you have to work more to win your case. Be sure to consult a lawyer.

The role of a lawyer in such cases is to provide the client with resources relating to his case, for example, to find the right journalists or professors who can give professional testimony and assessment of your case in terms of the circumstances in the country and the credibility of your case.

Officers give a lot of attention to this kind of evidence. Usually, all the circumstances that emphasize the preparedness and professionalism of the lawyer have a positive effect on the officer’s attitude to the case. Else you could bear the stress of persecution in their home country. And it is logical that a psychologist can help you. In such cases, the lawyer advises using the official testimony of a psychologist for an interview. In some cases, the officers themselves asked for interviews if you turned to a psychologist after the stress you had.

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Immigration Law

Employment & Business Visas

Employment Based Green Cards

Family Based Immigration

Yuri Birg

Yuri Birg has over 25 years of experience in representing businesses and individuals in commercial transactions, real estate and immigration law. Yuri Birg established Chicago Law Group to provide clients with legal services in a variety of practice areas by experienced attorneys who concentrate in specific areas of law. He makes sure the clients are always advised of their case status and takes on a co-counsel role as to all cases he does not handle directly himself.

Immigration. Since 1991, Yuri Birg has been one of the leading attorneys in the area of Immigration & Nationality Law, including business and personal immigration for scientists, software engineers, construction managers, executives, professional athletes, nurses, doctors, entertainers, performers and others. In all matters, Yuri gives his clients his full attention.

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Immigration Law

Alexander Vrbanoff

Alexander Vrbanoff has over 26 years of courtroom experience in Immigration Law, including Immigration Litigation, Deportation Defense and Appeals. He has extensive experience and much success with Political Asylum, Family-Based Immigration and related matters, such as counselor processing.  


Alexander Vrbanoff solves complex citizenship issues, including citizenship exam waivers. Alexander Vrbanoff has achieved much success with O-Visas and P-Visas, with many successful approvals for singers, musicians, actors, various other performers, athletes, and coaches.  He represents many entertainment and sports venues.


During over 26 years of practicing law, Alexander Vrbanoff has developed an excellent reputation with immigration judges and other attorneys. In fact, a significant portion of his practice involves referrals from other attorneys, including immigration attorneys.  Alexander Vrbanoff’s experience includes Employment and Business Immigration Issues. He also assists companies with immigration compliance issues.

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