O Visas

Extraordinary Ability in Sports

The O-1 visa is available to foreign nationals having extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics that is demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and who are coming temporarily to the United States to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability. It is also available to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement in the television or motion picture industry.

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The O-2 visa category is designated for essential support personnel that accompany and assist an O-1 visa holder in a specific athletic or artistic event or in the motion picture or television industry. O-2 visas are not available for those who accompany or assist O-1 visa holders in education, science, or business. The O-2 visa applicant must be an integral part of the O-1 visa holder’s actual performances or events and must be experienced utilizing critical skills and services for the O-1 alien that cannot be performed or possessed by others. In the case of a motion picture or television production, the O-2 visa applicant additionally must have a long standing working relationship with the O-1 alien that is essential to the successful completion of a production that is taking place both inside and outside the United States.

Spouses and dependent children accompanying or following to join the O-1 or O-2 visa holder are eligible to apply for an O-3 visa. The O-3 dependent may not work in this classification but may engage in full-time or part-time study.



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