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Find out if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries

 We may maximize your   compensation by providing: 

  • Excellent trial attorneys.

  • Testimony from doctors and therapists.

  • Accident reconstruction specialists.


  • Auto Accidents

  • Slip & Fall

  • Workers compensation

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Nursing home liability

  • Product liability

Free Injury Case Review

There are important things that you should know if you've been injured:



A personal injury lawyer may help you recover more damages.



A personal injury lawyer may help you recover more damages.



We do not get paid unless you do. No recovery, no fees!

Yuri Birg

Yuri Birg has over 25 years of experience in representing businesses and individuals in commercial transactions, real estate and immigration law. Yuri Birg established Chicago Law Group to provide clients with legal services in a variety of practice areas by experienced attorneys who concentrate in specific areas of law. He makes sure the clients are always advised of their case status and takes on a co-counsel role as to all cases he does not handle directly himself.

  • Voted Top 100 Super Lawyer in Illinois
  • Named Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Illinois
  • Selected as an Illinois Super Lawyer
  • Picked as an Illinois Leading Lawyer
David Nemeroff 

David Nemeroff is one of the top trial lawyers in the State of Illinois. He has obtained over $100 Million Dollars in successful results for his clients. Many of his cases were covered by the NBC News, Fox News, CNN, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. David Nemeroff also appeared on a number of television and radio programs, including Chicago Tonight, Fox News, and CNN.

David Nemeroff has extensive trial experience, having tried over 60 jury trials involving personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. He also has been involved in thousands of negotiations, arbitrations and settlements. Preparation is a key to success:  David Nemeroff has built a network of physicians, accident reconstruction experts, engineers, and many other specialists ready to help obtain the best results for you.

David Nemeroff has been successful in recovering money damages in 97% of cases. His experience, track record, and aggressive approach make the insurance companies and their lawyers take notice. They know he is prepared to take the case to trial if a fair settlement is not offered.



Medical Malpractice

Largest medical malpractice trial verdict ever in Illinois for the death of an infant due to malpractice by a hospital, doctor and nurses.


Medical Malpractice

Settlement by hospital for failure to diagnose a medical condition.


Auto Accident

Woman suffered multiple injuries after being hit by a drunk driver and a



Bus Accident

Woman had her foot run over by a bus on Wacker and Wells in Chicago.  Case Settled at mediation two weeks before the scheduled jury trial.


Construction Accident

Man was electrocuted and killed at a construction site when a crane struck a power line.

$3,100,000 Mesothelioma

Man died from mesothelioma due to workplace exposure to asbestos.


Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose cancer led to death.  The emergency room physician misread the chest x-ray and wrong information was provided to other doctors.


Police Misconduct

Man was killed when Chicago Police failed to properly respond to a domestic violence call, leading to a murder.


Auto Accident

Drunk driver struck child on a bicycle, causing injuries. Settlement exceeded insurance limits.


CTA Bus Accident

Boy was pinned between two CTA buses, fracturing femur.  Largest settlement of a fractured femur case in Illinois history.

$1,100,000 Premises Liability – Department Store

Child got foot stuck on escalator, crushing his toe, resulting in amputation.


Auto Accident

Woman suffers back injury with surgery after an accident on Lake Shore Drive.


Auto Accident

Woman was struck by truck, resulting in back and foot surgery.

$1,000,000 Premises Liability – Day Care

Girl was severely burned with hot water on her arm and chest, causing disfiguring scars.


Auto Accident

Death of a driver during an auto accident.  Insurance policy limits paid.


Auto Accident

Woman injured neck in car accident, resulting in fusion surgery.


Auto Accident

A man was injured in a car accident, causing a herniated lumber disk.


Auto Accident

Boy crossing an alley on a scooter is hit by a truck, causing burns to his knee, needing skin grafting.

$880,000 Premises Liability – Apartment

Two women suffered smoke inhalation when an apartment below them was went on fire.


Motorcycle Accident

Man suffered leg injuries during motorcycle accident with car.


Auto Accident

Vehicle rear-ended, causing an aggravation of his pre-existing back injury and surgery.

$800,000 Truck Accident

/ Premises Liability

Mechanic is injured while working on a semi-trailer, when the truck pulled away, causing a fracture to his heel and ankle, surgery.


CTA Bus Accident

Woman fell off a CTA bus while exiting the bus, injuring knee.

$750,000 Construction Accident Injuries

Man was seriously injured at a construction site when he fell from the roof.

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