A TN Visa is available for up to 3 years for Canadian citizens who are coming to the United States to work in certain professions. There are about 60 popular professions that qualify Canadian employees of American companies for a TN Visa.


For all but one of these professions, a degree in the same field is required. Generally, TN Visa workers get their visa application reviewed and approved at the airport in Canada by DHS.

However, a position of Management Consultant provides an exception. If one has 5 years of experience in a consulting filed, a degree is not required. Actually, not having a degree is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Most DHS analysts are used to the professions having degrees, and a lawyer has to work extra hard in making sure the exception and the experience in a consulting field are well documented and explained, so that the case may be approved.

Although we successfully process many TN visas, here I would like to mention a rather difficult case involving a position of a Management Consultant who has no degree in this field, which was approved by DHS a few weeks ago. Our client, a former citizen of Ukraine (citizen of Canada) was a self-employed Management Consultant from Canada, who was coming to the United States to continue working as a self-employed Management Consultant to provide services to a specific American client.