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Since 1991, Yuri Birg has been a leading immigration lawyer. Yuri Birg and his Chicago Law Group have an excellent record winning asylum claims and obtaining approvals in thousands of immigration matters.

Immigration Law

Employment & Business Visas

Employment Based Green Cards

Family Based Immigration

Yuri Birg

Yuri Birg has over 25 years of experience in representing businesses and individuals in commercial transactions, real estate and immigration law. Yuri Birg established Chicago Law Group to provide clients with legal services in a variety of practice areas by experienced attorneys who concentrate in specific areas of law. He makes sure the clients are always advised of their case status and takes on a co-counsel role as to all cases he does not handle directly himself.

Immigration. Since 1991, Yuri Birg has been one of the leading attorneys in the area of Immigration & Nationality Law, including business and personal immigration for scientists, software engineers, construction managers, executives, professional athletes, nurses, doctors, entertainers, performers and others. In all matters, Yuri gives his clients his full attention.

Immigration Law

Ashley Dworsky

Ashley Dworsky is an exceptional immigration law attorney who handles all areas of immigration law, with an emphasis on business and family immigration, with thousands of successful approvals. He represents businesses, organizations and individuals from around the globe on a vast range of immigration and Visa requirements. He also conducts seminars in Business Immigration Law, including H1B Visa and intra-company transfer visas.


Ashley Dworsky’s business and employment based immigration clients include Fortune 100 companies, as well as small to mid-size companies. Ashley Dworsky provides assistance to the U.S. and foreign corporations, as well as individuals with the relocation of personnel to the U.S., including Specialty Workers, Intracompany Transferees, Investors, Athletes, Performers, Religious Workers, Interns, Trainees, Students, Professionals and Skilled Workers. Mr. Dworsky counsels corporations on a variety of employment related immigration issues, including drafting employment verification compliance policies, training sessions, internal audits, as well as representation in government audits.

Immigration Law

Alexander Vrbanoff

Alexander Vrbanoff has over 26 years of courtroom experience in Immigration Law, including Immigration Litigation, Deportation Defense and Appeals. He has extensive experience and much success with Political Asylum, Family-Based Immigration and related matters, such as counselor processing.  


Alexander Vrbanoff solves complex citizenship issues, including citizenship exam waivers. Alexander Vrbanoff has achieved much success with O-Visas and P-Visas, with many successful approvals for singers, musicians, actors, various other performers, athletes, and coaches.  He represents many entertainment and sports venues.


During over 26 years of practicing law, Alexander Vrbanoff has developed an excellent reputation with immigration judges and other attorneys. In fact, a significant portion of his practice involves referrals from other attorneys, including immigration attorneys.  Alexander Vrbanoff’s experience includes Employment and Business Immigration Issues. He also assists companies with immigration compliance issues.








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